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15 SEO Tips For A Better Website

Every business, be it small or big has a website today. This is the need of the hour and the trend. This is the way in which these businesses... Learn More

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15 SEO Tips For A Better Website

Every business, be it small or big has a website today. This is the need of the hour and the trend. This is the way in which these businesses reach out to their customers. Today, everyone has a smartphone and work on their computer or a laptop.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the term given to the online marketing efforts and strategies. Since everyone is reachable online, businesses these days need to market themselves online for a better reach. Not only will this give your business a better exposure but will also cost lesser.

So what does your business need apart from a regular website that gives out details for customers to read? It needs an effective website that will show up more frequently in search engine result pages. For this purpose the website has to be search engine friendly. Every search engine ranks the pages online, based on a number of criteria and it is the top ranked pages that you see first when you search for some details.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a practice by which a website is designed and modified to rank higher in a search engine.

Here are some quick SEO tips to make your website rank higher:

  1. Rather that publishing short content, publish long ones. Research shows publishing a content that is longer than 1000 words will be ranked higher than a shorter content. However, ensure the content is related and makes sense.

  2. Use social sharing buttons and ensure they are prominent and easy to find. You can even use the buttons that follow you as you scroll down the page. This makes it easier to share your page and hence more readers and higher ranking.

  3. Make your URLs short and crisp. These are easier to use and remember than the long ones. When they are easier to use, they are used more often, hence increasing the number of hits.

  4. Use the trending language for sharing. Rather than asking the reader to share, as them to tweet it and provide the appropriate button. This will encourage them and more people will share the content.

  5. Your content should cover the topic in detail. The more details your content gives, the higher its ranking will be on Google. Rather than using superficial content that beats around the bush and has very little to actually do with the topic, use content that focuses more on the topic itself.

  6. Use subfolders for the content on your website. This makes it easier for your readers to find old content and Google, though does not imply this, ranks sub folders higher.

  7. Audit your site on a monthly basis with the help of one of the many such tools available online. Repeat the check every month to minimize errors. Lesser the errors, higher the ranking.

  8. If you are publishing videos on YouTube, give long descriptions that viewers can relate to and understand. When your description is long, your video tends to show up more often for search results.

  9. Use Google Adwords Ads for a page description or the title. These will earn you more clicks.

  10. Use a number in the title. This will help the content show up more frequently in search results. Rather than giving a title “few tips to keep the house clean”, give a title as “5 effective ways to keep the house clean”. This will get your site a better ranking.

  11. Search online for click magnet words and use them in your title. As the name suggests, these words will attract more clicks for your content.

  12. Use keywords in your URLs rather than a string of letters. This makes more sense as readers can understand what the page is all about by just reading the URL. Google pays attention to this and ranks your site higher.

  13. Make your introduction short, crisp and engaging. Long introductions may cover a lot of details, but will fail to hold the reader’s attention.

  14. The sub headers are also as important as the title itself. Give a catchy sub header that will make people click on it and read. The more the clicks, the higher the rank.

  15. Crosslink your pages internally. You can create a link to one your pages from the home page or the title, etc. this will take the reader directly to what interests them and you will have a good back link too.